Poetry: “I need out”.

I cry for life lost
I cry for love that never was
The hatred for these lives crossed
For what I have become and its cost
The fear of what I’m leaving behind
To my greatest love I say goodbye
I exhale my last breath in blood signed
Slow and controlled and unconfined
Conscious and determined I let go of this world
I breathe in the unknown
Not loved by those who should I lay curled
As I release a body torn, a mind swirled
Freedom I didn’t know how to envision
As I let my soul flow
Feel feelings as I face great derision
The dark spirit and me headed for collision
Like a blanket of dirt covering my whole
I see it for what it is
Covers a life I never wanted while taking its toll
It has kept the shame hidden within this soul
My new freedom gives me aspirations!
And terrifies me as well
I can no longer hide under my blanket of sins
I long to wash it off and escape damnations
I need to allow myself time to heal
I need to accept that I am loved
Accept the possibility of life and refuse to kneel
I need out of this hell and into something real


~ Becca ~ ……………… (It’s not about suicide. It’s about letting go of one world and entering a new and not knowing how to do so.)……………………..


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  1. Rob says:

    Your emotions are in synchronicity of your thoughts and your thoughts have a firm grasp of your reality. All systems are go, go Go! I really liked your introspection on this😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you Rob 🙂 All systems are indeed on go, go, go! 😀 I am more sure than ever before that I am moving on.


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