No more nights.

As some of you may now, I live in the woods. Way up high in the woods actually, about the height of the Arctic Circle.

Do you know what that means? It means that we at the moment no longer have nights. The sun came up somewhere in May and will go down again somewhere in August. Yepp, I am not shittin you! It can be a strange feeling to no longer experience darkness…. it certainly takes some getting use to… every year. I am in this constant state of awakeness (new word) but still tired. In a constant state of alert but in a shitty mood. Spring has definitely arrived and just as sure I will complain about the endless winter, I will now complain about the Spring…… will these birds outside of my fucking window never shut up?? Shut. The fuck. Up. Birds need darkness to really go to sleep…… and I need quiet. Yesterday one of the freaking things flew inside! Now that is energy for ya! I was first contemplating taking it hostage and using its life as leverage to arrange some night time quietness…… You can see in the pictures below that they are scheming, the sneaky tiny bastards. Shirp shirp shirp fucking shirp…..

No, to be honest, Spring is quite nice. The forests are coming back to life, the trees have this beautiful vibrant green, the reindeer and elk (moose for my American friends) have their babies and I never actually have to go to sleep because at any time of the day I can pretend it is noon. The weather is finally warm and almost all of the snow has disappeared. Another week or two and the mosquitos will have arrived along with the tourists…. as will hell. Because NONE of you have experienced mosquitos until you have lived up here. But honestly the tourists are worse than the mosquitos…. at least one can use bug repellent on mosquitos… it doesn’t work on tourists. Maybe I should try pepper-spray? I’ll explore that thought further.

(true story…. people pass miles and miles and miles of endless forests…. but when they arrives at a house, that is when they decide they need to piss or take a shit… and will then proceed to do that in ones yard. Yepp, I am not shittin you! But they certainly did…..)

(not all tourists are bad though. Some are just incredibly stupid. Like the one that asked me at what time and what location they could meet the bear. THE bear.)


I am feeling incredibly lonely though. It is a different kind of lonely when it is light 24/7…. it just seems longer. There is no break. 


~ Becca ~


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob says:

    Oh Bed you are too funny😂I loved the part about the mosquitos, i hate mosquitos! And dont be lonely, I’m always with you!

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  2. Herbert Uba says:

    I have lived in regions with normal daylight-night durations but I frequently lose track of time. Living in Sweden this time of the year would make me drive me nuts.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      It is kind of crazy to see the sun shining at 2 am 😦 But I am moving soon!


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