Poetry: “Waves of sadness”.

It seems like it is never ending

I realized today I am still fighting

And into this deep pit I am descending

I take slow but determined steps

Maybe then I will remember my way up?

I walk slow and of a new world I am pretending

The wave of today is sadness

The wave of yesterday delusion

The wave that I am waiting for is numbness

Are you but a voice in my head?

I cant see you, I cant touch you

Are you real, my voice that I take to bed?

I long for numbness yet again

It brings strange peace

So my heart and soul I drain

To just simply not care and not listen

For it is others that are broken

I am breaking

So why not stay in this world which is fiction?

But if you are real, this voice in my head

If you are real

If you are real

There is so much to be said


~ Becca ~                                 …………. Oh, and it’s still fucking snowing…..


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  1. Rob says:

    I hope you can break off the chains of despair. And when you think of all the other possibilities I do not believe they are delusions. Embrace your dreams and become one with them!

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