It’s just a bad day.

There is all this beauty around me but I am not able to see it.

Instead I drive along the icy roads of Lapland at 160km/hr. I dont necessarily feel like I am risking… I’m just driving. There is this peace with driving really fast…. the problem is that you get to where you do not really wanna get a lot faster. What a dream it would be to just keep on driving. Like the famous Thelma and Louise…. ‘let’s not get caught. Let’s just keep going. -What do you mean?- ….Go….. -Are you sure?- ….. Yeah.. yeah.’

We don’t have cliffs in Lapland….. hell, we don’t even have bridges…… we don’t even have traffic lights to drive through red lights. Good God, what a boring place….


~ Becca ~


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  1. Rob says:

    100 mph? Have you lost your damn mind? Slow the fuck down before you get yourself killed! I’ve driven 100 maybe twice in my whole life. Maybe your Lapland would be a little more beautiful if you actually saw it!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Ya this isn’t the second time I have done a 100 so I do feel like I have control over the situation…. it’s not as bad as it sounds!


  2. speed is fun but dangerous too. Raya needs you 🙂

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