The Stories: Part 15.


Fact nr 15: I tried to boycott smartphones. I refused to get one for many years until it was impossible to get a ‘normal’ phone. I always said I did not want a phone that was smarter than me…

This one is obvious, no? Honestly, who needs to be online all the time. Who needs to be on facebook? Who has to be able to google information at every second? Who even needs to know what time it is at all times? Who needs to be plugged in at every waking moment? Who needs to be entertained by a phone at all times?

For fucks sake, open your eyes and look around you! This world is entertaining, it is beautiful! It is full of interesting people, smart people!

We might all have smart phones nowadays but we are no longer smart people. We are getter dumber and dumber every day. Me included. I now also have one of these ridiculous smartphones. I even have apps. Fuck, I know what a hashtag is…. I did not have a clue until recently…. I had to google it!

I do refuse the following:

  • I will not use my phone while talking to people
  • I will not be on my phone at all times
  • I will not update facebook
  • I will not panic if I can not find my phone

I truly hate the direction society has taken. I blame the internet. And facebook…. (when in doubt, blame facebook, you will usually be right).


~ Becca ~



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  1. yassy says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you Yassy!! Nice to know there are still some sensible people in this world!! 🙂

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      1. yassy says:

        You are welcome Rebecca! 🤗

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  2. Rob says:

    Yes indeed technology and the ridiculous need to be up in everyone’s business has taken us away from nature and ourselves

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  3. I agree, still we are hooked onto it.

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  4. Mmm..also got my smartphone very late, simply I had no money to buy it. My third husband bought it for me lol
    There’re + & – of coz…I have to say honestly I can’t stand when someone (especially guys. it’s always guys. Haha) telling me I have to put my phone down=> example: I was traveling…I meet ppl thru a lot. It’s a famous travel community. So I met a guy..and during our first meeting he told me I shouldn’t check my iPhone. I mean – REALLY?? I don’t know him. I just fkn met him. I don’t like to be told what I have to do by ppl I meet for a day & never will see again.. #turnoff #byebye

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Haha what a story! What is it with men and their need for control?? That would make me want to check my phone constantly just to piss him off!

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  5. But I do agree with you 🙂 partly tho 😬😬

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