The World Yesterday & Today. It’s fucked up.


Yesterday was the 22nd of March. I was going to write this yesterday…. I did not. Because yesterday the world got even more fucked up than I was about to write.

Yesterday, the 22nd of March was the 1 year anniversary of the terrorist attack in Belgium in which 32 people died and over 600 got injured. The first bomb went off at Brussels Airport. This is an airport I travel through every time I visit my family. I have been here many many times. I know this place. One day before these disgusting motherfucking sobs became mass murderers, my brothers and my father were at this airport. On the same spot that got blown apart. My brothers were traveling home from visiting me and my dad was picking them up. They couldn’t find each other and they all ended up at the check-in desks.

One day.

One year and one day ago, as I was going through news channel after news channel trying to figure out what was happening, I saw pictures of bodies ripped apart. Each news channel trying to be more chocking then the other. There was no respect. But then again, I think respect disappeared long ago, probably around the same time as facebook was invented.

It took me hours to reach my family, one year and one day ago. As Belgium was being blown apart. While my world got dark. And I lost hope. Yet life continues, doesn’t it? My brother is putting more children into this world…. for reasons I can not understand.

The good, that once was, it has left. I moved to the end of the earth to find peace. I did not. All that happened is that it is now harder to contact family when shit happens. And shit does happen. It happened again yesterday. The world is ‘shocked’ –again. The world will ‘condemn’ –again. The world will hold ‘peace marches’ –again. The world will ‘pray for London’ – again. The world will fight ‘terrorism’ –again. The world will ‘crucify’ all muslims –again. And what difference does this make?? Not a damn thing. No one is getting their shit together to actually do anything about the problem. World leaders are either afraid of not being politically correct, or they are too corrupt, or they are too much of an asshole like Trump or too worried they will be compared to Trump. One of the most ‘powerful’ nation on earth elected a sick fuck of a man…. I guess I should have known then and there this world would be forever fucked.

I do live in a place where if I just unplug all machines, I would never hear of these fucked up things happening. But that would be unfair, wouldn’t it? I, as a human being, am obligated to know these things. I, as a human being, have an obligation to shine some light.

Don’t I? But what if there is no more light to shine?


~ Becca ~


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  1. kinkyacres says:

    Very powerful post! Thank you for helping us to remember those whose WORLD came to and end that day, and those who still suffer from it!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you Kinky. It actually wasn’t easy to write. I lost something one year and one day ago.

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      1. Rob says:

        Im so sorry Bec. Who was it that you lost?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Rebecca says:

          Not someone…. something. Sense of safety.


  2. kinkyacres says:

    The ‘fact’s is, you had the strength to write this! Let you’re ‘light’ shine!

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    1. Rebecca says:

      I will do just that 😆

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  3. Rob says:

    Yes it is a messed up world, but i still believe in light love laughter. You still have much light to shine! The world still has beauty in it

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  4. The world is fucked. No place is safe not even our homes, I was 12 when I witnessed my first terrorist attack and the image has not left me.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Wauw. It never leaves the mind, does it.

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