The annual spring rant…. some profanity may occur.


Everyone is talking about spring. Stop it for fucks sake!! It is winter -WINTER!! Minus 15°C (ya, in Fahrenheits that would be ‘piss ass cold’) -does that sound like fucking spring -you dumbasses?? It is NOT blooming. It is NOT sunny! It is fucking SNOWING!! It will continue to do so for another fucking month!

I do not give a fuck what your calendar says, that does not make this 1 meter of shitty snow melt. If I could I would make the fucking biggest ice snowball ever seen and shove it in your smug face. I have not seen grass in 6 months!!!

Maybe I will just make myself a giant fucking snowman that flips the bird. I’ll fucking make it big enough and place it high so it flips off the whole world and says fuck you.

There ya go – the annual spring rant. Not too bad with the profanities…. I kept it to a minimum. Quite proud of myself there.


~ Becca ~



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  1. Rob says:

    Lmao. This was too funny omg Bec, priceless. Glad i havent made that mistake lol

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  2. No snow in the south or middle Sweden tho 😬😬✌️🌞 but anyway, yes, understand the feeling 😐

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    1. Rebecca says:

      I am seriously contemplating that moving idea….. To the☉☉☉

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  3. The one of most popular themes for Sweden – weather 😂

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