The Stories: Part 13.


Fact number 13: I think my brother might be gay but he doesn’t want to tell anyone cos we grew up very religious and he was told gay people go to hell.

Yes…. religion. The ‘R’ word. I consider myself protestant. I believe in God. I believe in heaven and hell. Just not the way my parents do. I DO NOT believe gay people go to hell. It is the most ridiculous statement one can make that they would not be worthy of God’s love and presence. I just wish I could tell my brother that….

That is my number 1 issue with the church…. they are so judgmental. It is not as black & white as they proclaim it to be. The bible also says that liars and cheaters and thieves and abusers and murderers go to hell. Is this shouted from the rooftops of the churches? No! It is perceived that these people deserve to be saved yet we slam the door shut on homosexuality? Apparently being gay is a worse crime that murder when it comes to heaven…. I truly do not understand this. God is love.

The bible also says disrespecting your parents sends you to hell….. if this were the case I would be screwed a thousand times over. It calls it a sin. Yet, the bible also says no children will go to hell. See??? -> Not black & white!!

There is a movie out there called ‘Prayers for Bobby’ about a teenagers that commits suicide because of religious intolerance about homosexuality. It truly is a powerful movie.

Some of you might wonder why it is that I think my brother might be gay. From a very early age he has liked to dress up as a girl. In secret in his bedroom but he would get caught every now and then. We, the other kids got ‘warned’ of this behavior, he got shamed. This continued and probably still does today. I dont think there are many straight guys out there that dress up as girl…. but ya, I could be wrong! But I would embrace this side of him should he ever choose to accept it. I truly hope and PRAY GOD will tell him he is perfect just the way he is.  

He is my brother. Not just in blood. We are connected souls.


~ Becca ~ ……………. This picture represents connected souls to me.



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  1. Out for the city tour…I’ll write my comment later! Have a good day👋

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    1. Rebecca says:

      You too Ray 😊


  2. My mum would say that your bro is my mum is racist to the core & also she hates gays. She’s too Soviet Union-chick lol 😂
    I’d say: 1. I don’t believe in Hell or Heaven
    2. Regions sucks (all of them) …they r destroying families and ppl (in most of the cases)…if ppl r religious doesn’t mean they are good.
    I studied bible, I visited many congregations (don’t ask why)..but I just know – it’s all CREATED by humans!!
    But the nature and earth and dark matter ARE still alive. And there’s no hell or heaven as we imagine it is.
    3. It’s ok to be gay. Ppl r different. But we have to be sure 100% in it to come up with this idea…bcz sometimes I feel it becomes a fashion-thing, the trend, or the idea. And nothing more.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Exactly!! The world would be an easier place if everyone would be completely true to themselves!! But as long as there is religion there will never be acceptance. .. for My situation… i Would have killed myself at the age of 14 if I didn’t have God and hell to fear…. It’s a strange works we live in!!


  3. You should support your brother & you should balance “between” your parents :))

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Balance –> key word in life!


  4. Rob says:

    Live and let live. We csn share thoughts on dome bible stuff later

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you 🙂


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