Poetry: “I Cant”.


I feel like I cant breathe

On this cold winter day

I lost

There are words that I can not say

These words are real

But must remain inside

It kills me, it kills others

I am suffocating

I close my eyes

And try to rebuild my wall

Maybe higher this time

Maybe stronger

So words from thee I do not feel at all

In this sun I can not breathe

My world has flooded, it did

It flooded with words, with touch with so much untold

But I still can not breathe

My body is trembling with fear

As I now lie in wait

I allow the darkness to flood me once more


~ Becca ~


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  1. What is your fear? In any case you should drop it (even if its deadly sin, I guess in your case it is not..)

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Fear for what is to come. For what I am letting go so maybe I can rid of the emptiness. But what could have been seems to have disappeared.

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      1. what is to come – > spring. Spring is always -> new love. Nothing to fear. Human love is a temporary thing, so we should take it as it comes, enjoy it and let go..
        emptiness is only bcz u r lonely, u do not have a ‘partner in crime’. U probably loves solitude but solitude and loneliness r diff things.
        Do never look back – otherwise you’ll never feel happy.. so who cares what have been..
        for ex I do not have kids, and I have no plans to have, but I was pregnant before (once)…if I’d sit and think: what would it be, and oh-ah, I’m old and doesn’t have any kids..->my life would be miserable and depressing. No, just no.
        Move on quickly. Live happy. That’s the motto.

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        1. Rebecca says:

          Wise words, Ray. Wise words.

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          1. 🤗❤️😬👋🕺🕺🕺

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  2. Rob says:

    walls keep you in more than they keep things out.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      That would mean others are protected from me as well.

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