Poetry: “Fuck it”.

Can you fuck me gently, can you fuck me hard

Fuck me without feeling

Because for that I am just too scarred

He was someone to me

But you guessed it, I got fucked.

Fuck this world and everyone in it. I am never free.


~ Becca ~




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  1. Rob says:

    Is he worth trying to find? Maybe he just ran because he was so exposed he went into self preservation mode. I’m sure he’s had some time to think and get re-situated. Unless you are willingly naked, I’m guessing you’re not the type of woman he would fuck. Just my take from where I’m sitting. It reminds me of something Robmoji once said to me about me. He said you can’t run from your emotions, for wherever you go, there you are. He needs your help to find his way back. Is this guy worth it?


  2. Is it a neighbor? Ouch…sounds like a story to me. Dark one. Maybe I should write? Lol 🤗🌻

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    1. Rebecca says:

      Haha. Excellent idea Ray lol! No neighbour involved.


  3. Fuck this world and everyone in it… =>>is it a mantra for this weekend or for life??

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