Blogging… about personal stuff…. oh f***.

I started this blog because I feel like I need to let my feelings out. I live in a village with a population of 50. There are more dogs here than people! So… expressing myself… is hard. These are small town folk – and I mean that in the nicest way – and they tend to hear 2 words of a story and create another story.


They are not interested in my life or why I moved to their little community. But I guess I did not move up here to make a lot of best friends either. I like my solitude. But… I had a lot of friends before.

So I feel my enemy nr one creeping towards me now and then. This week it is so close I can feel it in my toes and in my fingers climbing up my legs and arms.

I want to run. But at some point in life I am suppose to stop running.


~ Becca ~



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  1. Wow… you have my full attention here. I totally get the running thing. Totally. xoxo my dear. I look forward to hearing more and more.


  2. And I LOVE that photograph

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  3. Rob says:

    Stop turn charge

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  4. Dogs are the best companions ever.


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